EMDR Therapist Near me in Edmonton

If you are seeking EMDR counseling or therapy in Edmonton, we have a solution for you. Our website, Try ouronlinetherapy.com, offers virtual EMDR sessions. This means you can access EMDR therapy from home. Our virtual sessions are designed to provide you with professional and effective EMDR treatment, while ensuring your safety and convenience. Whether you are dealing with trauma, anxiety, or other mental health challenges, our virtual EMDR sessions can help you address and overcome these issues. Visit our website, Try ouronlinetherapy.com, to learn more and start your EMDR therapy journey today. Our EMDR therapists are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and can provide you with the best possible care. Schedule your virtual session today and start your journey to a healthier and happier life.


EMDR is a proven technique that can help you process and work through trauma and other mental health issues. Our therapists are experts at providing effective EMDR therapy in a private, safe, and secure environment. Sign up today and start your journey to a healthier and happier life. EMDR therapy can help to reduce or eliminate the distress associated with traumatic events. It is an effective way to heal from trauma and build resilience. Our therapists can help you every step of the way. By reprocessing and reprocessing traumatic memories, EMDR can help to reduce the intensity of the memories and make it easier to cope with. Our therapists can assist you identify and resolve the underlying issues that caused the trauma, so that you can move forward in your life path.

How Does EMDR Work?

EMDR works by asking you to focus on the traumatic memory while your therapist guides you through a series of eye movements. This process helps your brain to process the memory, allowing it to become less distressing and easier to manage. EMDR can be an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues. It can also help to reduce the intensity of emotional reactions and to improve problem-solving skills.

How to find an EMDR therapist near Edmonton ?

You can search for qualified EMDR therapists online. Many therapists also offer free consultations so you can discuss your needs and get help finding the right therapist for you. Another option is to check with your local mental health professional network. If you are looking for an EMDR therapist near you in Edmonton, try ouronlinetherapy.com. You can also ask your family or friends for recommendations for therapists. Many therapists offer discounts or sliding scales based on income, so it’s worth asking about. Finally, you can search for EMDR therapists through local mental health organizations or support groups.